About Us

Vision; We exist to transform lives and enable our customers maximize their opportunities.

Mission: We offer customer oriented services to empower our clients.

We pride ourselves in Honesty, Reliability and Excellence in customer service. We keep our word.

We treat each Customer and Freight Haul with the Highest Level of Personal attention, Professionalism and Confidentiality.

All trucks have a 24 hour satellite tracking equipment providing updates as per the customer request.

Each and every haul is treated with the utmost care, arriving at destinations on time and in perfect condition.

Movement of containers and loose cargo can be a nightmare to most people considering points of origin, the processes involved with the various intergovernmental agencies and final destination of the cargo.

The company was created by people who had unfavorable experiences with handlers and more especially, because of the very fact they are specialized in one area.

Our past and current experience in this sector,coupled with our vast knowledge has made our company a very reliable brand in East and Central Africa.

We deliver accordingly and to the utmost satisfaction of all our clients.